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We're Meridian, a small Marketing Agency located on the Outer Banks of North Carolina

For the past 22 years, Meridian Media Works has helped hundreds of small businesses (and some big ones too) with their Digital Marketing needs. We are specialists in attracting and maintaining interest in your business or organization.

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Senior Living
Home Improvement
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Digital Marketing


Digital Strategy

Forming a strategic plan to help achieve your business goals and improve overall performance using a variety of Digital Marketing tactics.

Search Engine Optimization

Using today's standards in SEO, we can improve your websites presence in the major Search Engines.

Paid Search

In order to be successful in the pay to play world of search, you can no longer set it and forget it. We utilize industry leading optimization tools and years of experience to make your campaigns run successfully.

Social Media Marketing

Full-service Facebook and Instagram advertising that puts your business in front of users who are most likely to become your customers

Conversion Optimization

It's one thing to draw users to your website, it;s another to get them to take a desired action. Using industry leading tools and tactics, our average client sees at least a 10% increase in conversion.

Webflow CMS

We build powerful marketing websites on WebFlow CMS using your design, our design or template customization.
websites BUILT
Proven recipe for success

Our process


We dig deep into your business to understand your processes and business goals. A thorough needs assessment begins with an online form and evolves into one or more live discussions with a Project Manager.

Since no two businesses are exactly the same, this crucial step helps us understand your current marketing challenges, capabilities, budget and how you define marketing success.

Using the information gathered during the needs assessment phase, we make a customized roadmap to help you achieve your business goals using a blend of digital marketing tactics.

Specific tactics may include a optimized blend of SEO, Paid Search, Targeted Display and/or Social Ads.

This is where we roll up our sleeves and get to work! The “Development and Deployment” phase is the step in the process where we enlist our ad writers to prepared paid search ads, let our SE Optimizer loose on your website or allow one of our creative resources whip up a beautiful display concept.

Our experts and smart optimization technology are constantly learning and adjusting your campaign to get your best ads on the sites and mobile apps driving the most engagement with your business (not just ad clicks).

We firmly believe in that you can't manage what you don't measure. We employ a variety of tools to help provide insight into  campaign and website performance. In addition to site analytics, we provide specific tracking for phone calls and web forms.

Our proprietary optimization technology uses real-time performance data to constantly make small changes to your paid search campaigns and insure they run optimally